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Edge’s Another Way Forward media campaign challenged parents to stop thinking of academic education as the only route to success.

Why did we need Another Way Forward?

Because Edge research found that one in five young people think they have been led down the wrong educational path, with almost half of these being misdirected by their own parents. Many parents are influenced by ingrained prejudices against vocational qualifications – 35% believe that vocational learning is just for people who don’t do well at school. The campaign sought to tackle this prejudice head-on.

The campaign challenged parents to stop thinking of academic qualifications as the only route to success, encouraging them to reassess their own views, and to discuss all the education and career options with their children.

We finally managed to convince the client to bring back the greatest asset they already had, the Tetley Tea Folk.

Return of the Tea Folk – Part 2

Just The Way You Ahhh…

Tetley Redbush.

Tetley Green Tea.

A television ad for Safer Neighbourhoods to reinforce the presence of bobbies on the beat.